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  1. A second working meeting of the consortium of DYNAMO Eurostars project

    A second workshop of the project Dynamo "Dynamic Carpooling Service for People on the Move" was held in Bucharest and was organized by Integral Consulting R&D, partner in the project.

    During the meeting were harmonized the project partners' contributions to the second and the third research stages and were detailed actions for the next six months.

    News Date: 30-05-2011

  2. The signing of the Grant Agreement of SECURESTATION project

    Directorate General for Research and Innovation of the European Commission has signed the Grant Agreement 2662002, regarding to the FP7 project SECURESTATION - "Passenger station and terminal design for safety, security and resilience to terrorist attack".

    The project will begin on 01.06.2011. Integral Consulting R&D is the partner from Romania in this collaborative project.

    News Date: 12-05-2011

  3. Participation in the "TRANSPORT LOGISTICS-2011" Exhibition

    During the period 10-13 May 2011, an Integral Consulting R&D delegation, made up of Mr Octavian Udriște and Mr Bogdan Cernat, are attending the "TRANSPORT LOGISTICS-2011" Exhibition, organised in Munich, Germany.

    It is the biggest exhibition in the line of transport and logistics, held every two years in Munich.

    On this occasion, the Integral Consulting R&D delegation shall present the Romanian participation in the European projects EcoRails and FLAVIA.

    Location: Munich, Germany News Date: 10-05-2011

  4. Visit of a delegation from IVU Traffic Technologies AG Company, Germany to Integral Consulting R&D office

    On 09th May 2011, Integral Consulting R&D received a delegation from IVU Traffic Technologies AG Company, Germany, an over 30 years' experience developer of customized IT solutions in the field of passengers and freight transport logistics.

    The delegation was led by Mr Robert Mulder - International Business Manager.

    On this occasion, Mr Dan Caraman, Integral Consulting R&D Administrator / General Manager discussed with the German company representatives on various opportunities and perspectives of collaboration under transport projects.

    Location: Bucharest, Romania News Date: 09-05-2011

  5. Integral Consulting R&D won the call for proposals referring to their participation as an Expert under FLAVIA Project

    At the end of April 2011, Integral Consulting R&D won the call for proposals as a subcontractor with expertise in logistics and freight transport, under FLAVIA Project - "Freight and Logistics Advancement in Central/South-East Europe - Validation of trade and transport processes, Implementation of improvement actions, Application of co-coordinated structures".

    The FLAVIA Project, bearing code 2CE189P2 FLAVIA, and funded under the European Union CENTRAL EUROPE Programme is aimed at developing the logistic corridor from Central- to South/East Europe.

    The project is conducted by a partnership made up of 15 high-prestige institutions from seven European countries. Together with "Politehnica" University of Bucharest, Integral Consulting R&D specialists will participate in carrying out the activities under the work packages, with a particular focus on the issues related to Romania, as a part of FLAVIA corridor.

    News Date: 06-05-2011

  6. Participation in the seminar "European policies and grant opportunities for research, development and innovation"

    On 28th April 2011, the seminar "European policies and grant opportunities for research, development and innovation", organised by ANCS, ROST, ADR Bucharest - Ilfov and the Entreprise Europe Network (EEN) in Romania, was held at "Politehnica" University of Bucharest, the Senate Hall.

    The seminar is part of series of events related to the project "Consultancy services at the service of your enterprise", under the Entreprise Europe Network Programme.

    Mrs Isolda Constantin and Ms Monica Duru participated in the seminar works on behalf of Integral Consulting R&D.

    Location: Bucharest, Romania News Date: 28-04-2011

  7. Event for the 3rd call for project proposals under SEE Programme

    With a view to the third call for project proposals, which will be a strategic call, the SEE Programme (South East Europe) organised a seminar in Bucharest on 31st March 2011.

    The seminar was aimed at promoting the Reference Terms defined for the call and intended to the potential project applicants, as well as at discussing over possible project proposals with them.

    Location: Bucharest, Romania News Date: 31-03-2011

  8. Participation in "International Sales and Service Meeting Cattron Control"

    On 15th and 16th March 2011, Mr Cristian Cecovciuc attended the "International Sales and Service Meeting Cattron Control", organized by Cattron-Theimeg Europe GmbH&Co GK Company, at Moenchengladbach, Germany.

    Location: Moenchengladbach, Germany News Date: 15-03-2011

  9. In the period 7-8 March 2011, the last ECORailS Editorial Group meeting was held in Berlin

    The meeting was aimed at including the recommendations and the conclusions resulted from the test performance in the four test sites, into the ECORailS Guidelines. The Editorial Group decided on the ECORailS Guidelines final dimension, delivery deadline, and translation into the 6 official languages under the project.

    Download ECORailS Guidelines

    Location: Berlin, Germany News Date: 07-03-2011

  10. On 2nd December 2010, Integral Consulting R&D Bucharest participated, under 3 European consortiums, in the elaboration and submission to the European Commission, under FP7 calls - Surface Transport and Transport - of 3 projects, as follows:

    1) Call ID: FP7-SST-2011-RTD-1

    Project title: Simulation & Monitoring of Noise Emissions

    Acronym: SiMoNE

    Romanian partner: Integral Consulting R&D

    Coordinator/country: psiA Consult / Austria

    2) Call ID: FP7-SST-2011-RTD-1

    Project title: Improvement of rail transport infrastructure at cost


    Romanian partners: Integral Consulting R&D, Romanian Railways Company "CFR" S.A.

    Coordinator/country: Rail Technology Cluster Austria (RTCA) / Austria

    3)Call ID: FP7-TPT-2011-RTD-1

    Project title: Age and Mobility Research

    Acronym: AMoR

    Romanian partner: Integral Consulting R&D

    Participant as an End user: Bucharest Municipality - Transports, Roads, Traffic Systematization Head Office

    Coordinator/country: TSB Innovationsagentur Berlin GmbH-FAV / Germany.

    News Date: 02-12-2010